Apostolate - The Congregation of The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy

Apostolate - The Congregation of The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy

The Congregation’s apostolate consists first of all in the witness of the consecrated life, which according to the foundresses’ intention is expressed by trust in the mercy of God, by prayer and penance and also by the ministry of deeds of mercy. The apostolic work must always flow from a profound union with God.” [Constitutions, Art. 77]


Each congregation has not only its own field of activity but also its own form of apostolate. This distinct apostolic aspect of our religious family flows from its goal, its own spirituality and the congregation's living tradition, shaped by the charism of the foundresses. The forms of apostolate in our congregation are as follows:

The very goal of our congregation, which is to rescue sinful souls from eternal loss, calls for these forms of apostolic ministry.

St. Faustina's Role

As far as the congregation's apostolic mission is concerned, Saint Faustina does indeed introduce new elements, new tasks to it. She does not change the charism, but she indicates new ways to accomplish it, new forms to carry it out by proclaiming Divine Mercy and by imploring it for the world, for sinners living beyond the "Mercy Houses."

Originally, the congregation's charismatic activity was focused first and foremost on the deed of mercy toward girls and women needing deep moral conversion, who lived in our "Mercy Houses." The mission of St. Faustina brought about an extension of the charism's scope of activity. Henceforth the charismatic mission, having the goal of rescuing lost souls, would also encompass people living in the world. As regards these people, the congregation fulfills its charism not through deed, but rather by proclaiming the mystery of Divine Mercy and imploring it for the whole world, particularly for sinners who are in danger of losing their salvation.