Mercy in Prayer

Mercy in Prayer

Mercy in Prayer

The Congregation’s apostolate consists first of all in the witness of the consecrated life, which according to the foundresses’ intention is expressed by trust in the mercy of God, by prayer and penance and also by the ministry of deeds of mercy (Constitutions, Art. 77)

Prayer is the first and foremost duty of a consecrated person. It is to maintain the sisters in an ever deeper union with Christ, occupying the essential place and giving meaning to their entire life.(Constitutions, Art. 46)


Each sister devotes more than four hours a day to prayer. The center of the Congregation’s life is daily Holy Mass, which is for the sisters both their source of sanctification and their apostolic work. In addition to the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation on the word of God and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a special place is given to the devotion to The Divine Mercy, in the forms given by Saint Sister Faustina, and devotion to Mary, Mother of Mercy. The sisters embrace with prayer and penance the needs of the world, the Church, Poland, the Congregation and the people entrusted to them by Providence.


The task of interceding for God’s mercy for us and the whole world finds a special dimension in the contemplative convent of the Congregation in Świnice Warckie. The Lord Jesus said to Sister Faustina:

“through love You will reconcile earth with heaven, you will soften the just anger of God, and you will plead for mercy for the world. I place in your care two pearls very precious to My Heart: these are the souls of priests and religious. You will pray particularly for them; their power will come from your diminishment. You will join prayers, fasts, mortifications, labors and all sufferings to My prayer, fasting, mortification, labors and sufferings and then they will have power before My Father” (Diary, 531).

We implore God's Mercy for the world by:

  • Prayer and sacrifice using the new forms of devotion to Divine Mercy:
    1. Feast of Mercy
    2. The Image of the Divine Mercy
    3. The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy    Online Video
    4. The Hour of Mercy – 3:00 p.m.   Live Stream
    5. The Spreading of the Divine Mercy devotion
  • Daily Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Monthly Masses in Honor of the Divine Mercy